Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 cont.

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog & Little Kids... Big Potential

The children in Mrs. Cassidy's classes are going to be able to do great things in this world with technology just from the lessons learned in this teacher's class. They are already learning things that I myself are learning or have not even learned yet and I have them beat by at least 10 years! This just goes to show how much technology has changed in that short span of time. It really is awesome to see a teacher take something like technology and show her children how to apply it to her core lessons that she is teaching. Especially, something like the Nintendo DS that is suppose to be for at home and playing games and she has transformed it into another tool for her children to use and learn off of. The project about traditions and having people from all over the world leave a comment on the traditions they do was absolutely fantastic. I can only hope that when I begin teaching I can teach my students something like that that they will use for the rest of their lives.
Here is what I said in my comment:
"Hey kids!! You all did such a great job with you blogging, when I was your age teachers didn't know what blogging was , so you need to thank Mrs. Cassidy for everything she has taught you! I am just now learning how to do it in my EDM310 class and I am 20 years old! Keep up all the great work!"
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Here's What's Coming - 1 year old using iPhone

This one year old child is pretty good playing with daddy's iPhone! He can turn it on, unlock it, and choose the app that he wants, and then navigate his way through that app! It is pretty cool to see this child doing this. The only problem is that to me yes, it is cool that he can turn it on and all that, but then again he probably only sees this phone has a play toy that can pull up pics for him to see. Overall, I would have to say that this video is not all that amazing to me.

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  1. Technology is changing at a rate of about every 6 months. There are so many new teaching methods out there for teachers to use with technology that can reach children of this electronic age.