Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 4

I read Ann's post about fall and why it is her favorite time of the year. Reading a student's blog is really fun for me because it allows us as teachers and future teachers to see into their world. Having a student write a post really seems to help with the student's ability of writing a paragraph. I really enjoyed reading her post and look to forward to reading other student blogs.

Creating Podcast
I watched the video podcast The benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom. This podcast was really informative about ways that in my classroom in the future I can use it to enhance my teaching skills. I am one who believes in the "old-fashioned" way of teaching, a teacher standing in front of a classroom and teaching without or with minimal technology available. This podcast showed a few ways that having technology in my classroom can be used for good. The example of the child who is home sick from school and was able to get online to view class assignments and study for tests. This not only can help the students succeed in class it will also hopefully help more parents become more involved in the classroom. Having students and parents be able to be more involved in the classroom is really great and what students need, especially these days.

Teaching students how to effectively use technology, podcasts specifically, will be something that I as a teacher will be able to teach so that the students will be able to take with them as they grow. The students seem to really like learning off of the podcasts. Each student had nothing but great things to say about podcasts. I loved the little girl who said that her parents were glad that she was listening to the podcasts instead of Beyonce! Even the principle seems to think that when used properly podcasting can be an effective tool.

Some of the tools that I learned to use in my podcast was: write a script, incorporate music, record a video to go with it, and have more than one person. I look forward to making my podcast and possibly teaching my future students how to podcast.


  1. Good job Danielle. I hope now you have a better understanding of how to create a podcast and have some ideas for your own podcast in a few weeks.

  2. You add some great points in your podcast!! I am just learning how to get this podcast myself. This should be fun and help us have a better understanding of how to use these podcast. Good job!!