Monday, February 22, 2010

Comments for Kids

Week 4
Ann R.
-Ann wrote about her favorite time of the year, which was Fall. Here is a little of what I commented on :
"Your post about fall was fantastic! My favorite season is the summer because here in Alabama, we have the beaches that are so close we can go just about anytime we want to!"

Week 5
- Ashleigh wrote a story titled "Bitten" it was a short story about her experience being bitten by a spider. She did really great with describing everything that happened. I had already commented on it once but it was not posted so I went ahead and tried to comment again to see if it will be approved.

Week 6
- Mubasshira had a video of drawings of his New Year's Eve. They were really great drawings. Here is what I posted as a comment on the video and description:
"Your drawings were really good! Also, your story underneath the video was good too! I just have one question, what made that night so much more special and beautiful?"

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