Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6

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Alice Christie
Alice Christie's photo section was my favorite because I enjoy taking photos myself. If only you could see my house, there are picture everywhere!! When I downloaded Picasa for this class I spent hours editing my pictures, because I didn't know that you could do that with a program that was free!!! Having pictures in my classroom would be so much fun. When your teaching a lesson and you can't have the real thing in your classroom (i.e. lions, tigers, bears, oh my!) the next best thing would be to have great pictures to show your students.

A way that pictures could be used in a classroom would be to have students take pictures of objects that are in the shape of letters in the alphabet. Since I am teaching elementary students this would be a fun and easy lesson to teach and a great way for my students to learn. Another way that I could incorporate photography into my lessons would be for the older children to make a power point on something to do with their life. Just like we did!!!

iTunes U

This is a great tool for older students. It would not exactly help elementary students, the students that I plan to teach, but maybe there is a possibility of them using it in the future. It was a little difficult at first but after several tries i found it just as easy as the regular iTunes. As far as other schools that use iTunes U i checked at schools like the University of Alabama, Duke, and Stanford's. Stanford's iTunes page was really cool. Here is the link to their page. They offered many things like courses, lectures, and some text.

Having iTunes U could be useful in the classroom. As a teacher, I could post my lessons on there so that my students could review them before a test, so a parent can know what is happening in their child's class, or if a student is out for that day they can know what they missed and it be like they never even missed a day!

iTunes U in the Classroom!
iTunes U is a great tool for both students and teachers! Teachers are doing so much with ipods in classrooms like having students do podcast and then making a CD for the parents so they can review their progress. Many teachers can access any speech through the Library of Congress. I read an interview with an educator in California ( you can read here) where he had nothing but great things to say about the ways ipods are being used in his schools. Duke University's page offers so much! They encourage their students to be creative with technology. They gave out ipods to assist with technology and classrooms. iTunes U could help students study while driving, working out, and just going from class to class.


  1. I loved the idea of having students takes pictures of things and finding letters in the pictures. A friend of mine who is a teacher did that with recognizable landmarks and objects around Mobile. I think it was even published locally. Great idea!!

  2. Thank You Dina, I really hope that I will be able to incorporate that into my classroom.