Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was assigned to follow the What Now? What Next? So What? blog for my comments4teachers weeks 7,8, and 9. The blog was written by a teacher from New Zealand. His post are sporadic but when he does post it is usually something very entertaining. For week 7, I commented on his post about banning pencils and crayons in schools because they are dangerous and are becoming very disruptive in the classroom. Here is a little of what I wrote:
"Wow! Banning pencils and crayons in schools, I am speechless! I guess we have to protect our children from anything and everything that may endanger them. The only thing is is that everything in life could endanger them or someone else, the only solution would be for everyone to be in a giant bubble."
Week 8
"I love that you are just using pictures that you have played around with and create it all from scratch, basically. A lot of the time, i put my pictures onto Picasa and then play around with all of the different settings and things. Seeing what you have done, has made me want to go and try to make my own Avatar creation! Please come and visit my blog and hopefully, if things don't turn out too disastrous, I will have my own Avatar! Thank you and wish me luck!"

For week 9, I read his post about the Internet being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This was very interesting because it raises the question of "Do you agree or disagree?" Here is my answer:
" I think that the award should not go to the Internet as a whole, but to the person or people who invented it."

Happy belated St. Patty's Day to you! Your post about the tradition of St. Patrick's Day was really great! This year for St. Patrick's Day I forgot to wear green, so you know what that means, I was pinched. Next year I will definitely remember to wear the color green!"

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