Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Doc. Form - Survey

Survey - "Have you traveled?"
I did my survey on if people have traveled around the world or not. There was 15 questions in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blank, choose from a list, and various other forms. I had a total of 21 responses returned to me. You may click here to see graphs of the responses.

I am not sure what happened with the very first question's graph, it only shows 8 responses and they were all no. On my spreadsheet there were 13 people who have traveled outside of the United States and 8 people who have not traveled outside of the United States. Question 2 asked how many countries a person had visited outside of the U.S. There are 38% who have never traveled to another country , 58% who have traveled to 1-5 different countries, 5% who have traveled to 6-10 different countries, 5 % who have traveled to 11-15 different countries, and none who have traveled to more than 16 different countries. Question 3 asked if they had ever traveled to one of the following countries: Mexico, England, France, Greece, China, or none of the above. The responses to this question were across the board there were some who have never been to any of those countries to 29% of people who have traveled to England. Question 4 and 5 were both fill in the blank and had a wide variety of answers. Question 6 asked if a person had traveled before 9/11 and all of the responses were equal 7 people had traveled before 9/11, 7 people had not traveled before 9/11 and 7 and not traveled outside of the country. Question 7 asked if a person had traveled after 9/11 . The responses were 57% had traveled since 9/11 and 48% had not traveled since 9/11. Question 8 asked "If you have traveled since 9/11, did you notice a change in security?" There were 48% yes and 52%no. Question 9 asked if the person had traveled since 9/11 did he or she notice any change in security. Some of the answers that I received were "did not notice", "checking your car before you arrive", and "longer time in security." Question 10 asked when a person did travel, what did he or she travel by. Plane 57%, Cruise 10%, Car 10%, Bus 0%, Train 0%, None of the above 24%. Question 11 was on a scale of 1 to 10 how much fun did the person have, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Most of the responses were above a 5. Question 12, 90% of people would travel outside of the U.S. if they had the chance. Question 13 and 14 were fill in the blank asking which country people would travel to and why and if they chose no to question 12, why. The final question, I asked people for their opinion on what country out of Mexico, France, China, and Canada they thought was the most traveled destination. There was a tie between Mexico and France with 38%. No one thought that China was the most traveled destination. Only 29% of people thought that Canada was the most traveled destination.
I had a great response from people. Thanks to everyone who did respond!

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