Monday, April 5, 2010

My time toast timeline

Please visit my timeline on "Hurricanes During My Lifetime."


  1. Good job Danielle, but... you missed the most exciting Hurricane, at least in my life time.... 1979 Hurricane Fredrick! My family has been real lucky living in North Baldwin County, in that this was the last hurricane that caused a lot of damage for us. With Hurricane Ivan, I had a lot of trees down, but none on the house, just yard work. Now Katrina (I think) my parents neighbors tree fell on their power line, which in turn pulled the slack out of the line and ripped the power meter box off my parents house, go figure??? Beside that, we have really be blessed.

  2. Everyone in Baldwin County has been blessed when it comes to hurricanes. We have not had to experience what Louisiana and Mississippi have had to experience.