Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 13 - Finally got the right week!

Dr. Seuss
The Zax
I have to hand it to Dr. Seuss. He always has a lesson about something and he wrote it to where anyone can understand what the heck he is talking about. I can be a little like the Zax, a little stubborn in my ways, but at some point I have to take a step to the East or West. Some of the comments left for the video suggested that this was to show how there are teachers that don't want to except that technology is becoming a major part of teaching students. I don't agree with this. I think that this video could truly apply to anything in everyday life, but when it comes to applying it to this class in particular I think that it applies to teachers being stubborn in changing their teaching ways. What I mean by that is, these teachers who do not want to adapt to different students and each of their different learning needs. What I think these teachers don't understand is that, even though a student does not learn whatever it is that he or she needs to learn, that student will build a bridge over the problem for the rest of his or her life and he or she may never learn something that that one teacher could have stepped to the East or West for that student.
"Why is it important for students to post their work to blogs (or in other ways)?"

It is important for students to post their work to blogs or in any other ways because when they do they open up all of the doors for opportunities. These kids were just singing in their auditorium one day and the next they are being offered to sing with Fleetwood Mac! Having students post their work makes the saying "anything is possible" really come true. It is not only important for students to post their work to blogs; it is also equally important for other teachers to post to their blogs so that other teachers can learn from them. Three examples other than the PS22 student video are:

--- Students in Mr. C's class saw her blog and then in return after skyping with her dad they made a voicethread for her to listen to their comments.
--- He made a post about everything he had learned in his first year of teaching. This helped me to better understand what I may expect my first year of teaching.
--- This post helped me with, once again, understanding what I am up against as an upcoming teacher. I will be teaching children that may be more technologically advanced and better connected with other students around the world, than myself. It is a little scary to think that my future students will have PLN's.

This video was really awesome! Anytime that kids get together and sing, they all perform really well. The emotions in their face and the way that they really got into the music was the best part for me. They showed that they understood the words and the meaning of the song which was inspiring.

Comment4kids and Vocaroo
This week I read Rebekah's post about her class going to the swimming pool and all of the fun that she had. I left her a voice comment. Just click below and you should be able to listen!


  1. Never heard of Vocaroo before...that's cool. This network thing is paying off.

  2. I, too, have always enjoyed Dr. Seuss. The story about the stubborn Zaxes really makes immovable mindsets look as ridiculous as they really are. I still don't really understand how we were supposed to relate this to teachers who are not embracing technology; I don't think there are many - if any! - who absolutely refuse to advance...

    "I'll stay here not budging; I can, and I will if it makes you and me and the whole world stand still." The world didn't stand still. The Zax got nothing accomplished in their stubbornness...and neither will teachers with this mindset.