Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 6

skype image
When I first started this class, I will be honest I did not know what Skype was! Now, however, I have learned how to use it and it is a great and fun tool! I started using it only when I needed to do something related to class and now I have gotten my fiance to start using it! Now we get to talk a lot more often than we did before without worry about running up our cell phone bills.
Some examples of how I used it for this class were that I talked with Tracy Traylor from class F about our project that we are doing together. I also instant messaged with Heather Ludwig, also from class F. She helped me a great deal with learning how to do several of our projects. In one of our class times, the whole class skyped Dr. Strange from Brittany Heiss's computer, so that he could answer some of the questions that we had. I am certain that after this class is over I will continue to use skype on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to skype me, my username is daniellepitt.

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